Haiku 4 U

2/12/2021 okhead
the bald okhead
driving over horizon
in grand theft auto

2/12/2021 thesquidgod
valiant and brave n shit
raiding the battle

2/14/2021 lovekat78
Lover of resin
A great friend to watch streaming
Sparkles and coffee

2/16/2021 okhead
Stream raiders is fun
Come play with me okhead
Thanks for being here

3/16/2021 drdavehead
I’m sorry about
Your game being a butthead
But hooray drum kit

3/16/2021 TruSausage
A dwarf and a witch
Walk into a bar one night
Well…that’s not a joke

5/31/2021 CreativelyEmma
Hello there, Emma
Now I want a stromboli
Memorial Day.