To Create.

I spent a good deal of my sunday organizing my craft area. my womancave, if you will.  I looked forward to coming home and sitting at my little spot and doing a collage…but my boyfriend used the basement for another project.  

I won’t say his project as it is refinishing a mirror I grabbed out of the trash a few months ago.  it was painted white and I could tell that wasn’t its first coat.

I appreciate that he enjoys sanding and staining and painting.  it turns out that this trash treasure is older than I would have thought.

So I will not fuss as crafting and creativity is happening in the womancave!  instead, I have whipped out an old, half-filled sketchbook from college to do a little doodling with the dog. 

The important thing? Aside from this post, I am not just wasting away in front of a screen.  Baby steps.