WEEK 20!

Anyone else trying REALLY hard not to turn on the A/C? We had to cave this week.

General Health

Down 1.8 this week! WHAAAT? WW is WORKING!

I’m really pumped at how well Weight Watchers is working again. I found a really good group and we’re getting into the summer where fruits and veggies are everywhere!

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 86(as of 5/15) /120 

Be Creative
You may have noticed my cover picture today….I was gifted all of these knitting needles and some stash yarn from a friend who got them from a friend. I LOVE ACCEPTING OTHER PEOPLE’S CRAFT STUFF! I have a pretty good stash started and I haven’t spent any money on it! I finished the scarf and am excited!! After a few attempts at trying to start a hat and the legwarmers….I think I need more help!

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I threw $50 on that bitch this week.

Frugal AF
I biked to and from work most days last week thus saving myself $14.40 in SEPTA bus fares.

Mortgage: $778.65/$1,000

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
I breezed through some chapters at work this week but still have a ways to go.

Learning About Annuities
We did another training on Friday!  Woo!

Blog Goals

A new perspective on bloggery
I read an interesting thread on Reddit this week asking how much time people devote to side-hustles. A lot of people said “Zero” and spend the time one would use on side hustles to enrich their full-time careers instead. I think there’s something to be said about that.

Weekly Updates
20 down and I kind of can’t believe it! 32 weeks to go. 1 more week until VACATION.

6 Weeks Down. 46 To Go!

6 Weeks of this has turned it into a habit – I keep in mind my goals each week as I do things and I think it’s really helping with focus!  I’ve also got a routine down that makes me feel better during the day.

General Health
I’ve been logging religiously on myfitnesspal  despite not staying within calorie budgets.  I joined the GMF February Fitness Challenge with  Girl Meets Fitness that started February 6!  Did I go to the gym on day one and do the youtube?  HOLY FUCK I ACTUALLY DID THE WORKOUTS!  I even did one of the days at home for a snow day – I only got 20 minutes in but it was better than nothing.

I am Three Weeks Down on the StepBet Challenge  I was pretty concerned that my rest day was on Thursday due to a snow day – I REALLY needed the sleep and laziness.  Sunday was rainy and NOT EASY and there was a LOT of house pacing and chores-doing.  Mad shout-outs to my weekly Aldi date who also needed to go to Petsmart and was happy to walk a few laps with me around the store before checkout.

I went to the gym A LOT this week – even Saturday!  It feels good to get up and do it.

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 42 /120
GMF is definitely help me reach this goal – I did try to do one workout at home but it’s just too distracting!  I’m trying to get 5:30am to be my work week habit

Sub-Goal: Donate Blood – February 20th!

Be Creative
I got to make Harry Potter wands with my friend for her Harry Potter birthday party on Saturday.  Chopsticks, hot glue, paint, and pizza?!  Hell to the yes.  I had SO MUCH FUND doing this and booping people on the nose with them.

I’m still knitting!   I LOVE KNITTING!  I just have to get better so I can learn how to fix my mistakes as I get frustrated easily.  I (mostly?) learned how to tink* and am told my rows are pretty good.  I’ve found that this is a great activity to do while running SwagBucks videos are running on my laptop.

This basically sums up my challenges.
This basically sums up my challenges.

*”tink” means to knit backwards when you make a mistake – it’s just knit backwards HAHAHA

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I’m up to $81.49 this week using Qapital – I added a few more rules ot try to get to that $100 faster and hopefully that works soon!  I guess I could, in theory, save the whole $1,000 through this but with the opening of the Wells Fargo account mentioned last week I think I’m better off pumping cash into that account because it earns interest.  I also took some of my rolled change money that I deposited into Wells Fargo last week and threw it at the principal just like the financial adviser I met with told me to do!

Save Like a Motherfucker
Soooo I forgot about this thing called “car insurance” that is due every 6 months so it was an all-hands-on-deck situation to pull $413 to get that paid before I got stuck with interest on the credit card.  It’s going to be a rough month.

Mortgage: $31.50 + $81.49 = /$1,000
Savings: $0/$1,000
So $2,000 towards each of these goals by June?Yeah I still got this.

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
We started this training this week and I was told to wait another month or two before I start the CE credits.  Boo.

Learning About Annuities
Someone else at work is scheduling this sooooooo hopefully March or April?

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
Yeah I’m not sure why you are either…but it’s good for me right now!  I know that I need to produce more content that is going to be for YOU but it feels like I’m doing a lot of good things right now and I need to roll with that.  Progress.

Weekly Updates
I definitely need these updates more than you need them.

Sometimes I Need to Stop and Listen.

I am officially in the 3 day countdown until vacation.  I’m going to Columbus, Chicago, and Harrisburg over the next 2 weekends!

I biked into work and got to the offices at 8:58am, thankful that I got there right on time and was already armed to the gills with iced coffee and WeightWatchers baked goods for breakfast.

The lady already at the office peers around her too-large screen and informed me that someone had called 5 minutes ago and was going to call my cell phone.  Sure enough, she had called while I was locking up the bike and trudging in.

This caller is an inspirational woman that is teaching me how to lead and run a large fundraiser and after we were done talking business I said “Try to have a good Monday!” and she said something along the lines of “I always have a good Monday.  I cannot choose the situations I’m put in, but I can choose how I let them affect me.”

Man, I wish I had really listened to that this morning instead of letting the remains of my work day spiral into an angry, frustrated vortex of suck.  An angry frustrated vortex of suck that even volunteered to stay late a half hour because I hate myself.  This, coupled with the stress of having too much to do and not enough time both in work and life before I take off Thursday morning.

Inspirational Caller’s words didn’t really sink in until I was walking my dog at 6:30pm….I need to stop letting external forces affect me so greatly.  I need to get better about choosing to just push forward and stop stewing in my own pot of frustration and anxiety.  I’m going to do a good job and everything will get done so stop stressing, Self.

Tomorrow Never Comes. Do That Shit Today.

I find that I know a lot of people in my life that say they want to be healthier and lose weight….tomorrow.

This is starting to feel like an insult to me.  I didn’t get where I am today by waiting until tomorrow, next week, after that vacation, or some other milestone in the future.  I got where I am by realizing that today is the fucking day.  Every day is the day.  Health and weight loss are my fucking lifestyle and don’t make it seem like it’s so much easier if you eat like a fat fuck for a week and say “yeah I’m totally starting this shit Monday.”

I used to be a person that couldn’t start something if it wasn’t on a Sunday or the first of the month or the new year.  Guess where that got me?  Nowhere.  I would forget to start on Sunday and then make myself wait another week and then I would just be fatter.

If you want to be fat, that’s cool.  Be big and beautiful!  Own that shit!  But don’t sit there and tell me that you’re going to do what I did starting at a time that is considered more convenient for you.  That is what separates my health from your’s.  I stopped giving myself obstacles and road blocks and times I could and could not start.  I cut the bullshit with myself and just fucking started doing it.

Tomorrow never comes.  If you spend your life putting things off for a time in the future you’re going to look back and realize you didn’t do shit and it will be nobody’s fault but your own.