This Week Will Be Awesome

A friendly reminder of the 4 goals I’m working on through July: The Hermiting:
1. Saving money
2. Moving
3. Weight Loss
4. Thesis

1. Saving Money
My income-based payment plan for student loans finally came through and I owe about $60 per month for both.  Phew.  This doesn’t mean I won’t do my best to add more each month, but it helps that it is no longer $776 per month!

Today I created a Google Map to map out the 10 stores I can demo Jeni’s so that I can contact them in pairs and do two demos a day.  Tomorrow we’ll be going over the schedule at my main job so I will be able to finagle demo days around my main schedule.  My goal is to do one day per week of demo’s with at least 2 per day.  Now that I know exactly what I owe for August, I’m excited to work on making up that difference and will soon figure out everything that will be due for September and do the same.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in over a week and have been just living off of my freezer and pantry.  This means I haven’t necessarily made the best choices but I haven’t been out eating like an idiot either.

2. Moving
Hopefully I can meet with the landlady tomorrow and give her all my money.  I want to start calling PECO, PGW, and Cockcast to tell them to switch my service in August and see if I can get some deals.  If it’s cheaper to bundle, I may get cable.

I also need to look into moving companies so I can get my furniture moved!

I’ll be taking all of my quilting stuff and a few other tubs to my dad’s place this week.  That will free up some room and then I can also grab empty tubs to pack up more crap!

3. Weight Loss
After the 3lb gain last week, I’m a bit pissed.  I didn’t eat so well last night (damn munching) but I’m working to do well today.  This week I vow to only eat my activity points and not touch my 49 extra (dickaround points as I call them)

This will be slightly difficult if I go to my dad’s since we always eat like shit and I lay around…but I’m going there to lay around and rejuvenate.  I know that I am going to get at least one milkshake.  I know that I will either be eating at a place with an amazing (fatty) salad bar, an AYCE fried chicken/crab place, or a Mexican restaurant.  

I’m also thinking of entering this Weight Watchers Contest.  It would be nice to really write the essay and remind myself why I’m doing this and how far I’ve come.  It also doesn’t hurt to try to win stuff.  I like winning stuff.

4. Thesis
I need to get in touch with my professor and make an appointment.

I also need to finiish compiling my surveys so I have something to present to him.  I’m going to try to do that while I’m at my dad’s on Tuesday. 

I would love to hear everyone else’s goals and what they will do this week to accomplish them!