#TealTuesday – #Wallydog and Old Decor

Today’s #TealTuesday is dedicated to happy memories.

As I was trying to take pictures of Wally being cute on the couch I realized that I’ve had this pillow for over a decade.

I remember when I got this pillow and it’s a little nostalgic.

When I was in college, my mom completely redid my bedroom – including a brand new bed set.  We went to a nice mattress store to get me the actual bed frame, mattress, and box spring but everything else came from Target.  I still remember walking through the aisles of Target with her trying to figure out the best colors to compliment my as-close-to-teal-as-they-would-allow-blue.  This pillow was the only fully-teal thing I got that day!

My mom passed away in 2009 so these are the kind of happy memories I cling to.  We did a lot of shopping and eating out while shopping together and I’m happy to still have pleasant reminders around my home.

I still have everything but the mattress and box spring – I think we got the dresser and bedside table back before Target’s quality starting to really go down since they have lasted through four moves and are still kicking!  We still use the quilt on my bed and the sheets are in my closet.

It was a fond memory of shopping with my mom that still fits my home decor and I am happy that Wally likes to hang out with it.