WEEK 5: Knits, Bits, & Shits


Personal Goals

General Health
I’ve been logging religiously on myfitnesspal  despite not staying within calorie budgets.  I may have also joined a [free] February Fitness Challenge with Girl Meets Fitness that starts today!  Did I go to the gym on day one and do the youtube?  WAIT A WHOLE DAMN WEEK TO FIND OUT LOL.

I am Two Weeks Down on the StepBet Challenge  I need to hit at least 14,979 steps 4 days a week and 18,592 steps 2 days a week, every week, until March 5.  I rocked week 2 with flying colors!  There is $26,520 in the pot and at least 35 people have dropped out already.

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 37/120
I got it in TWICE this week – definitely an improvement!

Sub-Goal: Donate Blood – February 20th!

Be Creative
I hit the library on break one day and picked up Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness and have kind of been slogging through it.  I’m finding it more and more difficult to read on the bus which leads us to the other creative thing….


I’m learning to knit!!!  I was telling my friend how I was interested in taking a knitting class and she said I could just come to her knitting circle and teach me!  I went to Loop and picked up a skein of yarn and wooden needles and I’m learning!  I do great as long as a knitter is somewhere near me but I am having a hard time learning how to fix my mistakes.  Despite looking at several youtubes I just cannot figure out how to fix a dropped stitch!!  So I must wait until Thursday to get it fixed and keep going….but in time I will learn to fix my mistakes.

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I’m up to $71.33 this week using Qapital Only one #wallydog pictures last week on his third birthday but other spending pumped this up!

Save Like a Motherfucker
MoneyTalkNews had a post about Wells Fargo running a promotion where you get $250 for opening a checking account so I have a bank account linked to my mortgage now!  It was $25 to open so I took the $25 from paypal and I rolled a bunch of change at the house (more on this on Tuesday!) so there is now $81.50 sitting in that account and it gains a little interest!!

Mortgage: $63.43/$1,000
Savings: $81.50/$1,000
So $2,000 towards each of these goals by June?Yeah I still got this.

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
We started this training this week and I was told to wait another month or two before I start the CE credits.  Boo.

Learning About Annuities
Someone else at work is scheduling this so

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
I need to get better about using Instagram to promote this blog since it’s my second most popular platform (Facebook being #1 but I’m just not comfortable advertising to that platform yet)

Weekly Updates
5 down.  47 to go!  I like doing this on Sunday nights to share with you all the next morning

Any ideas on how to achieve these goals?  I’m all ears!

Weight Watchers, Adult Purchases, Being Poor.

Here are the themes of today’s post!  WOOOOO! AREN’T YOU SO PUMPED?

Weight Watchers
This morning I weight 137.2…and my Goal Weight is 137!!!!  LOOK AT ME GETTING THERE AND SHIT!
From what I understand, I will have to stay within 2lbs of that for 2 weeks and then I will get Lifetime Status.  I want that status goddammit.

Something that felt really good: One lady hasn’t come to WW for about a month or so and she came up to me today and told me that I look amazing!  She didn’t even recognize me!  Hollllllaaaa!

Adult Purchases
There are three things that I feel that I really need to purchase as they will be conducive to being an adult:
1. OxiClean
Adulting had a post on this the other day and I suddenly found myself really wishing I had some of this around.  I may or may not have thrown some stuff in the dryer to fluff it up with a tube of hot pink lipstick and I had nothing to fight the stains.  My neighbor had a jug of All with OxiClean in it and borrowing a serving of that saved 2 of the 3 articles of clothing that were hot pinkified.  Now I know that I need this shit in my life.

2. North Face Raincoat
The weather has been downright bipolar recently and with all of my packing/purging I have realized that I don’t have a lightweight coat.  At all.  I found this coat at a local store for even less than what Amazon is selling it for…and I think it’s a purchase I can justify.  North Face is a good brand and will last forever and this is a timeless style.  I may also need this walking home tonight as I forgot my umbrella and it looks like it may rain…not so adult of me.

3. Nice Filing Cabinet
I just have too many files and papers that I need to keep in order and the one that I have is already overstuffed.  I’m thinking something like this one from Walmart that looks more like a nice end-table than a filing cabinet.  Files are one of my biggest mess situations right now so this would be nice.

Being Poor
Since we’re talking about purchases….can we just talk about how much I love ALL of the Gap’s clothes right now?  I want to live in the Gap.  I cannot justify clothing purchases like this though since I don’t need them yet.  The clothes that I have are doing fine for now and I feel like those are things I can pick up at the thrift store when needed.

The jacket is still worth it to me since I know it’s last season’s and they will become jacked in price soon enough.  Praying that’s at the store when I get off work!