Zodiac Signs and your Money Management

From Thought Catalog’s  What Your Zodiac Sign Says About How Good (Or Bad) You Are With Money by Kara Stevens:


Sagittarius has a strong work ethic and zero qualms about rolling up his or her sleeves and putting in a hard day’s work. This fire sign is passionate about what they do for a living. They spend judiciously,purchasing items of quality or great usefulness. The financial health of Sagittarius is typically good since they are quite good at socking away a sizeable amount of cash and make careful spending choices.

Accurate or accurate?  I’m only not good at socking away sizeable amounts of cash because I’m adept at throwing sizeable amounts of cash into debt.

I take everything I read regarding zodiacs with a grain of salt!  I’m aware that the stars do not define everything…but it’s fun to think about when mine are often painfully accurate!

How did this post align with your sign?