#TealTuesday #3 The Recovery Edition

So I am recovering from sinus surgery that I had last Thursday.


I’m in a pile of teal blankets on my couch with my dog who has a teal collar.  Most likely in my teal jammie pants.



Surgery Day!

If you’re just tuning in, I am having my sinuses roto-rootered today!  So as you are reading this I am in the various stages of handling that and will be home for the next week.

I actually had this surgery once before in October 2013 and the feature photo was from that recovery.  I’m in a slightly better spot this time around with a new doctor, new medical regiment, decent health insurance, and paid sick time.  Last time, I managed to pay $3,000 for this surgery and had to take unpaid time off.  It’s amazing what can change in three years of progress!

I’m excited to line up some more blog posts and get a few more drafts started in this time.  I’m also excited to lay on the couch with my dog.  People at work think I’m nuts for being excited and thinking of it as a vacation….but recovery is kind of the ultimate vacation because you literally can’t do anything.  I’m pumped.

What should I binge on Netflix this week?