July 1 – 15: Spending Freeze

Oh, hey!  Two blogs in a week and the first in 2014.  I guess I’m trying to get myself back to a normal routine…and this silly little blog did help me keep focused…and I need that.  What better time than right before a vacation where I will jack my routine up once more?

One of my big issues: Money.  It’s not so bad that I’m getting phone calls or can’t make the nut every month…but my non-student loan debt has gone up a bit in the last few months.  I really like Starbucks now.  And am in a long distance-ish relationship which means not only am I spending more on travel…but I’m going out more because I want to share all the amazing things Philly has to offer!  

So I gotta knock it off.  And I’m gonna do that with a two-week spending fast.  I will be going to Delaware this week on vacation so I can stock up on some pantry staples and other toiletries.  July 1st: I’m done for 2 whole weeks that my calendar is currently empty so I will be loading that up with work.  This doesn’t mean I get to spend willy-nilly until then and I’m already doing better for that since my fridge is already stocked with this week’s lunches and dinners.  My hardest task will be kicking the Starbucks.  I guess it’s time to learn how to coldbrew!

I would love to hear any comments or tips people have from spending fasts!