6am. Monday morning. Trying desperately to get back on the gym game.

General Health

I was only down .2 this week but that’s still better than a gain and probably most certainly has nothing to do with the amount of pizza I ate. I’m not excited about weigh-in tonight because I was not good…including one day that I ate 100 points! Yikes!

I’m not gonna lie – I’m having a REALLY hard time getting back into the groove of my 6am workouts and normal life.

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 78(as of 4/11) /120 

Be Creative
I did a lot of knitting when I went to my dad’s in Delaware this weekend.

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I did not work toward this goal this week. I’ve been doing well but this week was a rough one financially so that didn’t happen and here’s why:

Frugal Fail of the Week
I went for my allergy shot on Wednesday and tried to stop by a new local coffee shop to try them on the way…..they were cash only. I don’t carry cash. So I figure I’ll just go to Starbucks instead along the way. I’m out of money on the app so I have to reload….and the reload minimum is $25. I go stand in the first Starbucks and a barista looks in the eye but does not acknowledge me and keeps holding a conversation with another barista. I count to 30 and walk out because I HATE THAT SHIT. I try to go to the other Starbucks closer to my doctor and they are closed because they can’t make coffee.

I get to work and sitting on my desk is a coupon for free coffee and pastry from Au Bon Pain. What a freaking waste of $25. SHAME.

Mortgage: $638.60/$1,000

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
This thing called “tax season” should finally be behind me for the year and I can get a little breathing room to do this.

Learning About Annuities
Still waiting for that next session to come around

Blog Goals

A Comment! 
Shout out to David Carlson from Young Adult Money for taking the time to read last week’s post and comment! I read a lot of YAM and his comment reminded me that I need to be better about commenting [thoughtfully] on the blogs that I read more often.

Weekly Updates
I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting bad again about actually updating each section of this update. Stop it, me! You’re better than that!

And with this I pose a random question to you:
Have you ever had someone help you with your cover letter, resume, or job hunt? Was it free help or paid? Tell me about it please!


General Health

Here’s how I’m doing with March FitCamp!  :

  1. Respect nutrition –I rejoined Weight Watchers this week and have been trying to get used to the new SmartPoints system as it’s different than the PointsPlus I did last time.  The meal on the left is 10 SmartPoints…and I only get 30 per day.  Luckily, the FitPoints are a lot easier to obtain so I’m able to eat almost double my points thanks to WW sycing with my FitBit!
  2. Do one legitimate straight-leg pushup – I’m noticing that the first 3 on-knee pushups suck a lot less when I do pushups but I’m still not very good.
  3. Beat last month’s 13 days at the gym –BOOM! I was at 15 as of 3/24

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 65(as of 3/21) /120 


Be Creative
I learned how to frog and am back on track with my scarf!  I also now have all the yarn I will need for my next project thanks to someone offloading a bunch from KnitPicks for $8

I picked up Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide To Thriving In The Age of Accelerations at the library and I think it will come in handy for blogging!

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I was only able to put another $25 in this week but I still put it in!  Telling you all about my weekly progress on this is keeping me motivated to suck it up and throw the money in.

Frugal as Fuck
I feel like every day is a struggle not to spend!  I put $149.95 down on Weight Watchers this week but it will eventually be reimbursed by my health insurance which is a win!

I spent $33 on WW-friendly foods at Aldi and have a good pack of fruits and veggies for work tomorrow!

Mortgage: $556.50/$1,000

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
I’m officially the worst when it comes to working on my CE – work has been busy!  It’s kind of a good thing!

Learning About Annuities
This got pushed to the end of the month…..sigh.

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
I don’t know either!  I hope to wade through my drafts at some point and pull some more sideposts weekly but who knows!

Weekly Updates
Well I’m posting at least once a week

I Was Bad Last Week…This Week Will Be Better

With the move being all ridiculous and messing up my plans, my life has been a complete shit show.  Half of my crap is packed up, I have no groceries, and I’ve been going out more because I have no food at home and my apartment really sucks now that everything is packed up.

But First, Something Awesome:

Finally hit my goal!  I have 6 weeks of Maintenance with Weight Watchers and then it’s free.  It feels really weird to no longer be in weight loss mode and on the maintenance track…but I’ll take the extra 6 points per day (that uhh I’ve def already been eating anyway haha) but this is happening.  There’s no going back.  8 years of hard work, dedication, and lifestyle changes.  Feels good, man.

Now on to the lame things….

Final Numbers for Surgery
As mentioned before, I will need to pay for an important sinus surgery out of pocket and they said it would be around $5,000.  It’s actually $7,000.  I already put down the $1,500 deposit on it, so now I have until October 8th to to work on getting the $5,000 for the hospital and then I can make monthly payments of $100 to the doctor for the remaining $1,500 of her fee.  Awesome.

Extra Income Ideas:
I’m coming up with a gameplan on how to get extra income for this.  I am pretty much out of shit to sell and now need other ways to supplement.  I already started a few of these this week
So I’ve done 2 tasks so far and have another one after work today.  After today’s I will have made $99 for about 5 hours of work.  $19 an hour ain’t too shabby!
Okay, not sure how much I talk about Swagbucks…but I love it.  It’s something that I just keep running on my laptop all day and listen to the SBTV while I’m working.  At home, I just mindlessly click while reading or watching TV.  Basically you watch stuff, take surveys, look at offers, play games, yadda yadda and collect points that can be used for giftcards and stuff.  I was a casual user from January until last month and just redeemed points for my first $25 amazon gift card…which I used to buy adult self improvement books.  I can continue to get amazon cards or can also get gas cards, target, cvs, etc.

Here are some things that I need to do this week to get back on track:
1. Buy Groceries
I’ve been eating out a lot more and have been making lame choices.  So I’m going to go at least by some Smart Ones Frozen Dinners and stuff so I can have things at home
2. Finish Packing and Move
This is the only way I’ll be able to get my life back in order.  I’ve been so stuck since the move rescheduling and it will really be helpful to finally get out of my neighborhood.
3. Work out
I haven’t done anything exercise-y since Tuesday and I think that may also be part of why I feel so rundown and crappy.  I need to remember to squeeze something – even if it’s only 5-10 minutes of yoga – into each day.  Get that stretch on

Weight Watchers, Adult Purchases, Being Poor.

Here are the themes of today’s post!  WOOOOO! AREN’T YOU SO PUMPED?

Weight Watchers
This morning I weight 137.2…and my Goal Weight is 137!!!!  LOOK AT ME GETTING THERE AND SHIT!
From what I understand, I will have to stay within 2lbs of that for 2 weeks and then I will get Lifetime Status.  I want that status goddammit.

Something that felt really good: One lady hasn’t come to WW for about a month or so and she came up to me today and told me that I look amazing!  She didn’t even recognize me!  Hollllllaaaa!

Adult Purchases
There are three things that I feel that I really need to purchase as they will be conducive to being an adult:
1. OxiClean
Adulting had a post on this the other day and I suddenly found myself really wishing I had some of this around.  I may or may not have thrown some stuff in the dryer to fluff it up with a tube of hot pink lipstick and I had nothing to fight the stains.  My neighbor had a jug of All with OxiClean in it and borrowing a serving of that saved 2 of the 3 articles of clothing that were hot pinkified.  Now I know that I need this shit in my life.

2. North Face Raincoat
The weather has been downright bipolar recently and with all of my packing/purging I have realized that I don’t have a lightweight coat.  At all.  I found this coat at a local store for even less than what Amazon is selling it for…and I think it’s a purchase I can justify.  North Face is a good brand and will last forever and this is a timeless style.  I may also need this walking home tonight as I forgot my umbrella and it looks like it may rain…not so adult of me.

3. Nice Filing Cabinet
I just have too many files and papers that I need to keep in order and the one that I have is already overstuffed.  I’m thinking something like this one from Walmart that looks more like a nice end-table than a filing cabinet.  Files are one of my biggest mess situations right now so this would be nice.

Being Poor
Since we’re talking about purchases….can we just talk about how much I love ALL of the Gap’s clothes right now?  I want to live in the Gap.  I cannot justify clothing purchases like this though since I don’t need them yet.  The clothes that I have are doing fine for now and I feel like those are things I can pick up at the thrift store when needed.

The jacket is still worth it to me since I know it’s last season’s and they will become jacked in price soon enough.  Praying that’s at the store when I get off work!

Another Gain!!!

Up 1.8 this week.  But today there was an interesting discussion during my meeting where our leader, John, said that you don’t have to weigh in if the number on the scale will deter you from coming to meetings.  You can just come in, pay for the meeting, and come back next week!  I’m not really down with that, I like having the accurate week-to-week.  John also said that he needs to check with everyone about their goal weights.

So my goal weight was 135.  And I’ve been yo-yoing between 138-140 since June.  It’s starting to really bum me out and discourage me, feeling like I will never get down to 135.  And what makes it an even bigger deal…is I’m not so sure I want to get down that far.  I feel like I’m at a healthy, normal weight right now and honestly am afraid that getting down to 135 will just mean losing more boob weight and not really making a vast difference.  I’m okay with the weight I’m at and the only thing stressing me out is a stupid number for Weight Watchers so I can be Lifetime and not have to pay every week.  It’s stupid.

On that note….I already ate my 10point brunch and I’m still hungry >:C I have some fruit to munch on but I’m stuck at work for 4 hours and 45 minutes.

>:C   >:C   >:C 

Another Week of Awesome?

Since my schedule isn’t the Monday through Friday nine to five, Mondays don’t really feel like Mondays to me.  I guess you could say they’re more like my Friday…and yet I always feel like I need to finish out my main-job-work-week strong because everyone else is just getting started!  

My week has been kind of thrown for a loop with the passing of my good friend Jeff’s father, Steven Rosen.  He was an incredibly good man that I had the honor of meeting at Jeff’s wedding last month and I’ll be driving down to Maryland to pay my respects on Wednesday.

I guess we’ll start with yesterday since that was the beginning of another week of awesome – Can I finish out this month so strong?  Here’s how I’m already doing and it’s only Monday:
1. Saving money
Sooo I have not been the best with this.  I went out Saturday, I bought some possibly unnecessary groceries yesterday, and today I bought Five Guys….but more on that in the Weight Loss goal.
I already know I will have to buy another tank of gas and will most likely buy some food in Maryland, but there isn’t much to be done about that.  I’ll try to make it cheap and stick to minimal beverages.

2. Moving
Talked to the landlady briefly today and she said she would call me back…and of course she did not.  I will call her tomorrow and tell her if I’m going to pay for the whole month of August I will want the keys August 1st.  She knows that I’m not fully moving until mid-month so I think that’s why she’s slacking….and I really don’t care as long as I get my keys August 1st.
I’m donating a bunch of art supplies and a shelf to Philadelphia Art Alliance for the kids’ programming they’ll be starting in the fall.  That will clear out a large portion of my back room!  I’ll also be taking a round of donation stuff to the Goodwill on the way to Maryland tomorrow.  Just keep trimming the fat!

3. Weight Loss
So this morning I was feeling super unfocused and weird…then I realized that I haven’t eaten like any meat since Wednesday.  Since I have been craving Five Guys for almost two weeks now…I decided it was time to do that.  Yeah, it was most of my points for the day….it was so worth it.
I made sure to go to bootcamp tonight because it would bring my activity points up!  And it did.  And I feel badass.  I just want to be able to do one full pushup though.  Maybe that’s my August goal!

4. Thesis
I hammered out decoding a bunch of the surveys and printed some stuff.  If I can finish all of the surveys by the end of this month, I will consider this goal fairly pimp-handed.

So I’m already doing rather well!  I have to watch my food intake since I know I will have a few poor eating days.  I’ll save some cash by not eating so terribly.

Send me your good vibes!  Let me know what you’re struggling with and I’ll knock some back at ya.

3.8lbs. That’s it. And 4 Days Left of the Month.

So Saturdays are my Weight Watchers Weigh In Days.  I lost 3.4lbs this week which means:


I only have 2 weeks worth of weigh in coupons left, so I am really going to amp up my game so I hit lifetime just as my coupons run out so I won’t have to pay!  My weight loss and saving money goals for the month will be most appreciative.

So I said on Sunday that this week would be awesome.  It turns out that my positive energy and perseverance have paid off and this week was, in fact, totally fucking awesome.

So there are only 4 days left in the month and I’m sure I’ll post something Wednesday or Thursday about how my goals have gone.  I have to say that I feel really accomplished in 3 out of the 4….but my thesis goal is definitely lacking.  I hope that I can take some time this week to do something so I can feel like I made progress there too.  We’ll see how it goes.


You All Need To Know That Today Is Awesome

I know that all of those words don’t need to be capitalized….but I just think it looks better.

It turns out I am either able to see the future or I’m just awesome and getting things done when I stay positive.

Today I finally met with the landlady and filled something out and she said there will be a lease tomorrow.  We talked for a little bit, nice lady!  She apologized for being so scatterbrained and now everything’s good.

I am moving:
Tuesday, August 13th.

That is how much time I have to pack all of my shit, get rid of unnecessary shit, and get a bunch of little shit over into the new apartment so as not to waste Mambo Movers’ time.

I’m just going to throw this out there: paying for movers is okay.  Movers don’t strain friendships…or backs…and you don’t have to buy them beer or pizza afterwards.  And most importantly: they can do it fast because they know how to fit shit into trucks and then through tiny halls.  They won’t break your shit.  Or your walls.  And it won’t take a billion hours.

This goal is chugging along.  I just got so excited that I packed two boxes!

I also totally did a Core Fitness Bootcamp on the Art Museum Stairs which really rocks out my weight loss goal!  I wish there was a better way for me to calculate the points for it because my calculations make it only to have been 6 activity points….but man it felt like more than that!  Oh well,  now that I’m home I’ll pack some more shit up!  I’ve eaten really well today and still have 5 points left.  My goal this week is to only eat activity points and not touch my extra 49 since the weeks that I don’t touch those are the weeks I lose!  LIFETIME STATUS I’M COMING FOR YOU!

Lower Slower Delaware Days are Necessary.

Every few weeks I need to unwind, get out of the city, go somewhere….slow.  My dad lives in Delaware and this is my favorite place to go when stress starts to get high.  I get on Rt 13 south and it’s like a giant weight is lifted from me and it is awesome.  Here is how these Lower Slower Days are extremely helpful to my monthly goals from The Hermiting and how my week has been so far:

1. Saving money
Since I am with my dad and my dad is the best dad to ever dad the dads, I don’t pay for anything.  We eat what he has at home or we go out somewhere and he treats me.  I’m totally okay just staying at his house and hanging out in front of the TV and it is truly wonderful.  

2. Moving
I was able to bring a bunch of tubs from the apartment here since it’s stuff I don’t need.
My dad listens to me about my giant stress of having no contact with a landlady after telling her I want the apartment!  UGH JUST TAKE MY MONEY!  Well I have been advised to start looking again just in case this falls through in the next week.  I can’t survive off of a verbal “yeah you’ve got it” over the phone and then not hearing from her.  Hopefully this is just post-vacation blues and she will call me tomorrow so I don’t have to keep looking.

3. Weight Loss
This…is always rough at my dad’s.  We eat really well….like Old Mill Crab House with all you can eat fried chicken, shrimp, clams, hush puppies, corn, and crabs.  All the points?  All of them.
I have recently discovered that his boo’s 55+ active community has a gym and pool I can use!  I did this on the 4th and since I knew I was going to be fattying yesterday, I made sure to hit the elliptical for an hour and swam for a bit.  I don’t think it really negated the food damage, so I’m trying to be really good for the rest of the week.
Here’s a pic of me about to get super buff yesterday, Heritage Shores has a really nice locker room!Image:

4. Thesis
….yeah.  I didn’t do anything for this.  What’s wrong with me?  Help!  I need motivation for this!

This Week Will Be Awesome

A friendly reminder of the 4 goals I’m working on through July: The Hermiting:
1. Saving money
2. Moving
3. Weight Loss
4. Thesis

1. Saving Money
My income-based payment plan for student loans finally came through and I owe about $60 per month for both.  Phew.  This doesn’t mean I won’t do my best to add more each month, but it helps that it is no longer $776 per month!

Today I created a Google Map to map out the 10 stores I can demo Jeni’s so that I can contact them in pairs and do two demos a day.  Tomorrow we’ll be going over the schedule at my main job so I will be able to finagle demo days around my main schedule.  My goal is to do one day per week of demo’s with at least 2 per day.  Now that I know exactly what I owe for August, I’m excited to work on making up that difference and will soon figure out everything that will be due for September and do the same.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in over a week and have been just living off of my freezer and pantry.  This means I haven’t necessarily made the best choices but I haven’t been out eating like an idiot either.

2. Moving
Hopefully I can meet with the landlady tomorrow and give her all my money.  I want to start calling PECO, PGW, and Cockcast to tell them to switch my service in August and see if I can get some deals.  If it’s cheaper to bundle, I may get cable.

I also need to look into moving companies so I can get my furniture moved!

I’ll be taking all of my quilting stuff and a few other tubs to my dad’s place this week.  That will free up some room and then I can also grab empty tubs to pack up more crap!

3. Weight Loss
After the 3lb gain last week, I’m a bit pissed.  I didn’t eat so well last night (damn munching) but I’m working to do well today.  This week I vow to only eat my activity points and not touch my 49 extra (dickaround points as I call them)

This will be slightly difficult if I go to my dad’s since we always eat like shit and I lay around…but I’m going there to lay around and rejuvenate.  I know that I am going to get at least one milkshake.  I know that I will either be eating at a place with an amazing (fatty) salad bar, an AYCE fried chicken/crab place, or a Mexican restaurant.  

I’m also thinking of entering this Weight Watchers Contest.  It would be nice to really write the essay and remind myself why I’m doing this and how far I’ve come.  It also doesn’t hurt to try to win stuff.  I like winning stuff.

4. Thesis
I need to get in touch with my professor and make an appointment.

I also need to finiish compiling my surveys so I have something to present to him.  I’m going to try to do that while I’m at my dad’s on Tuesday. 

I would love to hear everyone else’s goals and what they will do this week to accomplish them!