#WallyDog is helping!


Someone is helping me with my creativity goal!

So far in this new year I have visited one friend and taking this guy for a nice long nature walk, dropped my car at a dealership for a free recall repair, and I have spent $35 at Aldi to last us the week.

What are you doing on this glorious Monday?


A Better Way to Goal – Wuddup, 2017?

“To be happy we need something to solve. Happiness is therefore a form of action;”
Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

I’ve spent the last few years haphazardly monitoring my goals that every year seem to be the same themes with little progress….and every year I end up feeling unfulfilled.

This year, I’m going to go a bit above and beyond. I turned 30 this month and I’m finally ready to grow and focus.  Less nickel and diming and more big-picture shit.  I think I’ve put together some legitimate, measurable goals for 2017 that I am excited to work towards.

Personal Goals

General Health
2016-08-25-07-23-05“lose weight” is pretty typical but this year I just want to focus on making good health decisions.  I’ve gained about 30lbs in the last 2 years which sucks but I am not upset with how I look.  So I am going to get some blood work done in February after my sinus surgery to see where I really need to work but am also going to continue doing healthy shit like not drinking soda and hitting the gym and using my FitBit.
Sub-Goal: Donate Blood – Donating blood is basically the poor philanthropist’s greatest gift.  Too broke to give money?  Here is some shit your body literally regenerates for free.  Have at it.  I’m signed up for a blood drive on February 20th to donate at the University of Pennsylvania (had to wait until after surgery)

Focus on Creativity 
I’ve spent the last few years focusing my energy on committing almost every waking moment to making money – from work to sitting in front of this laptop cranking out surveys and videocounts for apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollars.  Every year, the earning becomes less and the burden to make pennies greater.  It doesn’t make me happy.  So I need to reset that.


Creating makes me happy.  Painting, doodling, collaging, reading, going to art shows makes me happy.  I need to get back to that and bring my focus back to the ways I feel most alive.  I’m gonna do the fuck out of some art this year and I’m going to work the sexiest on me – my goddamn brain.

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
Wuddup, mortgage? How YOU doin? Look, we’re cool and all but I don’t want to hang together for 30 years. So I’m gonna pump money into your principal this year. Take it like a champ. But June I want to have one extra payment of just principal in there – about $1,000.

Save Like a Motherfucker
Between my savings and my Roth IRA there is a lot of opportunity to put more money away and I need to embrace that this year. Ideally I would like to put at least $1,000 away by June between those two accounts.

So $2,000 towards these goals by June? It’s reasonable.

Professional Goals

License Credits
In order to maintain my health, life, and disability insurance license I have to get 24 Continuing Education (CE) credits every 2 years.  It would appear that most people wait until they’re getting the notifications that it is about to expire.  I’m going to get a jump on it and try to get 12 credits done by June.

These are not my responsibility at work currently but I want to learn more about them.  There’s not much elaboration here because I have much to learn.

Blog Goals

Why The Fuck Are You Reading This?
I want to be a voice for personal growth.  I want to motivate my fellow “aging millennials” to push through mountains of debt and still live a happy life.  I’m tired of stressing about my student loans and mortgage every goddamn day and it took a meeting with a financial adviser for me to realize that I am paying off my investments in my future and there’s no need to live a life of guilt and deprivation.  Within reason.

Weekly Updates
I want to work to update you on these goals weekly.  I want to spend most of my time creating but I want to check in and be held accountable.  Follow me to share your journeys.  Follow me to ridicule me when I miss a week or have gained another 30 pounds.  Follow me to see a lot of F-bombs.

So these are my goals to solve  – what are you going to accomplish the fuck out of in 2017?

Sundays are for Sidegigs – The New Kitchen Fund.

Sundays are usually my day for getting ready for the week and hanging out at the house making extra funds.  Things have definitely been different now that my boyfriend has moved in, but he gets my groove and has even assisted!

eBay Listings
I’ve been listing small, easily-shipped items on eBay and relisting them when they don’t sell.  Click Here To See My eBay Shop!
And my wonderful boyfriend set me up with a better setup for taking good pictures of my items for sale!2016-11-06-11-15-39

….but then once I was done taking all of the pictures, we realized that neither of us have an SD card reader and that his is missing in the mass of basement boxes that he hasn’t gotten to yet.  So this week’s round of eBay auctions are just going to be relists from the last few weeks and some craft kits I have pictures for.

My eBay sales go into my paypal account.  My PayPal account typically pays for Spotify, GrubHub, and my Gym Membership (that I use!) but I have recently cancelled Spotify and haven’t ordered more than once a month.  With these cuts and some cash going into this account – I hope to start a New Kitchen Fund out of it!

What is the New Kitchen Fund, you ask?
My kitchen is a bit rough.  The old fridge leaked behind the oven and cabinets and the floor needs to be repaired and my cabinets are actually disintegrating because they are old particle board.  So far, the only quote I’ve got from a contractor was for $9,000 and that didn’t even include the floor.  I am confident that I can do this for half that with some extra manpower and reclaiming some things.

What else goes into Paypal?
iBotta Rewards
InboxDollars Rewards
eBay Sales
Swagbucks Rewards
Click the links for Referral Codes!

I can transfer the funds to a savings account with interest easily when it becomes substantial.  I wonder how long it will take to get $4,500 in there?  Maybe you should stay tuned!

Well….I can’t edit pictures so I’m going to watch Netflix and earn some Swagbucks!



Sometimes I Need to Stop and Listen.

I am officially in the 3 day countdown until vacation.  I’m going to Columbus, Chicago, and Harrisburg over the next 2 weekends!

I biked into work and got to the offices at 8:58am, thankful that I got there right on time and was already armed to the gills with iced coffee and WeightWatchers baked goods for breakfast.

The lady already at the office peers around her too-large screen and informed me that someone had called 5 minutes ago and was going to call my cell phone.  Sure enough, she had called while I was locking up the bike and trudging in.

This caller is an inspirational woman that is teaching me how to lead and run a large fundraiser and after we were done talking business I said “Try to have a good Monday!” and she said something along the lines of “I always have a good Monday.  I cannot choose the situations I’m put in, but I can choose how I let them affect me.”

Man, I wish I had really listened to that this morning instead of letting the remains of my work day spiral into an angry, frustrated vortex of suck.  An angry frustrated vortex of suck that even volunteered to stay late a half hour because I hate myself.  This, coupled with the stress of having too much to do and not enough time both in work and life before I take off Thursday morning.

Inspirational Caller’s words didn’t really sink in until I was walking my dog at 6:30pm….I need to stop letting external forces affect me so greatly.  I need to get better about choosing to just push forward and stop stewing in my own pot of frustration and anxiety.  I’m going to do a good job and everything will get done so stop stressing, Self.