Here is my face.

An aging millennial in Philadelphia with a cute dog and affinity for teal things.

P.O. Box 54648
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Creativity + Positivity

I’m a variety crafter and mixed media artist that is utilizing Twitch.tv to promote accountability and making time for creative endeavors.

Hello! I’m Jamie and I work for the man during the day and strive to create in my spare time. This blog has always been some type of motivation to do better with myself and share the journey. It’s not always easy and there is a LOT of halts and starting all over again – in many aspects of life!

What I do

Sharpie Art




I have learned some stuff

Fleisher Art Memorial
(2018 – 2019)
Empowering the Painter 2018 & 2019
Abstract & Intuitive Painting 2019

Drexel University
(2011 – 2014)
M.S. Arts Administration
Development & Nonprofit Management

Rosemary College
B.A. Studio Art – Papermaking Concentration
Papermaking Concentration