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Sunday Five Frugals

  1. Drinking coffee at home – one Starbucks iced venti caramel coffee is $3.19 and my bag of coffee at Aldi is $3.99.  In 2014, I spent $1,000 on Starbucks alone….so far in 2016 on all coffee shops I’ve spent about $150 of my money (this does not include bagged coffee as that is actually a grocery budget).
  2. I’m staying home watching Cops and trying to prepare my home for next weekend when my boyfriend moves in!  I’ve been able to reevaluate a lot of my possessions and have a good ebay/craigslist horde going in the basement.  I have a HUGE STACK of comics and everytime I do a load of laundry I go down to the basement and organize a bit more.   This will be most of my day.
  3. Went to a friend’s house last night and came home with a bag of pork.  Chicken thighs in the crockpot right now.  I need to find the bag of pasta I have somewhere in the kitchen and then I will have meals for the week!
  4. I’m meal prepping and handling all of my home business today because I took up a part-time job and will be working a few 14 hour days and most weekends.  It ends December 7 so it’s not forever and will bring me an extra $200+ per week!
  5. Spending some time on Swagbucks and InboxDollars while I’m having my breakfast and watching Cops.

5 Frugals August 21

  1. So far tonight I have listed 34 items on ebay!  Most of it is stacks of comic books from 2011-2013 and whatever doesn’t sell will get a week to go in a lot on Craigslist – then off to the thrift store!
  2. Someone in my office building that knows I moved recently just gave me a new plate set and I love it!! I didn’t have any dinner plates and now I can entertain.
  3. I have chicken marinating in teriyaki sauce to easily bake tomorrow after work.  I have coffee, breakfast, and lunch ready for tomorrow!  Today I also took the 5 minutes to take stock of what’s in my pantry that needs to get used up and took one expired can out.
  4. I’m about to pack my bag so I can hit the gym tomorrow – health, nice showers, and eventually it will be reimbursed.
  5. Did quite a few surveys on InboxDollars today and made it a bit closer to that $30 cash out goal.  I also hit my first goal on Swagbucks and am *almost* to that 2,200 monthly personal goal so I can cash out for a discounted gift card.  Amazon?  Starbucks?  Lowes?  WHO KNOWS!
  1. Spent a good portion of the day just hanging out at the house, cleaning a bit, and making cards for friends that just moved.  I had all the materials on hand!
  2. Batched all my errands and with to CVS, the gym, and Trader Joe’s.  The showers at my gym are better than my home shower and nobody was there so I took my sweet time and even shaved my legs!  I also took that opportunity to wash a bunch of coconut oil out of my hair.  I used all free samples for toiletries!  And slowly working towards those 120 gym sessions that will reimburse my gym fees through health insurance.
  3. Trying this Thai Peanut Chicken recipe from Budget Bytes tonight because I had drumsticks in my freezer and a hefty stock of peanut butter.  It’s currently marinating in the fridge!  I didn’t obtain fresh ginger or cilantro but I did have the dried stuff and the sauce tastes pretty darn good to me.  Wallydog is enjoying the remains of the peanut butter jar as a ghetto kong treat!
  4. I haven’t done a load of laundry since last Friday…I believe tomorrow will finally be the day as I am mostly out of clothes and need to wash my sheets.  I am also confident that I can get away with one hot load and one cold load.  I hang about 75% of my cold load to boot!
  5. I used some Amazon gift cards to buy a cheap but sturdy journal – I like to write!  It keeps me focused on my goals.  I didn’t overly like the quote on the front of the journal, so I went through my collage boxes and found some stuff to fix the front!
  1. I went to the gym this morning – exercise and a “free” shower while earning my way towards my $150 membership credit!  Health is frugal as fuck.  I’m also doing fitbit challenges and one of my friends is doing 20k a day….so I would have to get at least that ot beat her!  It’s day 2 and I’m not sure I can do it haha.
  2. I didn’t take my lunch to work….FAIL.  I ended up at Panda Express for a little nostalgia from when I worked retail.  The difference?  This time instead of the platter of 3+ options, I got a grilled veggie bowl with some orange chicken on top.  It was $6.70 which is dumb but is below average lunch costs that area.  I drank water at work and I may have grabbed a few extra straws and napkins.
  3. I’m confident I can go one more day at least before running the washer and dryer.  Today I’m trying to finish out my cooking for the week so I’ve roasted veggies, fried up sausage, and am currently baking some chicken breast.  Trying to run the oven all at once so I can be done with it!  I also just cleaned out my monster microwave that I am going to put on craigslist.  I keep mentioning it in hopes that I will eventually DO.
  4. I have some letters I need to write – I have a whole box of cards and bags of scrapbooking materials so I really need to actually do something with those items!
  5. I have HVAC people coming out on Friday.  It’s going to be unfortunate and it’s probably going to take the last of my savings.  Is this the push I need to FINALLY list that item on Craigslist?

So it seems like there are a few fails in there and I have to figure something out.  I can do it!

  1. It’s that quarterly time to order a 30lb bag of dog food.  My dad dropped by a coupon for $15 off a $50 purchase at so I ended up getting the dog food and a bag of treats for $38.98 and the dog food along usually runs $44.  Win!  I’ve also held off getting my dog new toys by stuffing toys into eachother after he has eaten all the fluff out and then playing some fetch.  Eventually he gets bored with me and will take some time to try to pull the toy out of the other toy.
  2. I finally have a fully functional washer and dryer so I can clean everything in the house because I am now very allergic to dustmites.  Spending time in the basement to launder will encourage me to keep cleaning it up to make it a cozy space down the road.
  3. I got my annual pedicure with a friend over the weekend – $25 for an hour of bliss per year is worth it to me.  I found a really nice, clean place a few blocks away and reasonable for the job they did.
  4. I really need to cut down on some clutter in the house before my boyfriend moves in.  i’ve got a slowly-growing box of items I want to put up on Craigslist and the Philadelphia yardsale groups….it’s just such a pain in the ass at the same time!!
  5. I have to make some turkey balls to get me through the first few days of the week and will be hitting the trader Joe’s tomorrow to get a few fillers.

5 Frugal Things

  1. I biked to and from my doctor’s appointment and work today.
  2. I made beans and rice last night for the first time adn brought it for lunch and didn’t like it…but ate it anyway and suffered through.  I found some buffalo chicken strips in the back of the freezer for dinner instead of the rest of the rice and beans.  THEN! I found an individual portion of mexican chicken in the back of my freezer and that should fix the rice and beans for the rest of it’s short life.  Old me would have just ordered out something fancy that I could eat for maybe 2 meals.
  3. I invited a friend over to watch MasterChef at my place tonight.  Continuing to justify my cable bill by sharing it with my friends!
  4. I’ve kind of grown an alcohol allergy over the last few months and have basically sworn the stuff off indefinitely.  Hopefully this will decrease my bar and restaurant bills and eradicates the alcohol budget!  I am very sad to see booze go but I know it’s only a good thing for me.
  5. Amazon Prime Day is next Tuesday, 7/12.  I am in desperate need for some new gym capris and would *really* like a FitBit Blaze for a teal HR (in a size small!) so I’m going to try to scope these deals.  I’ve been cashing out amazon giftcards on all of my earning sites so I don’t have to spend real money.

Five Frugal Things

  1. I trade leftovers with my friend/dogwalker throughout the week and today she left me a mystery meal that was delicious – turns out it’s oriechette with swiss chard and tomatoes.  I’ll be leaving her pulled pork which is one of her favorites!  She is my friend first and dogwalker second – she walks my dog 4 days a week in exchange for me ordering things for her on Amazon and the occasional trip to BJ’s or to pick up something large in my hatchback.
  2. I did not renew my ridiculous gym membership that no longer works based on where I live!  I now do the $15/month cancel-anytime membership with the gym in my office building.  It’s *tiny* but the machines are clean and work and the showers are nicer than mine at home.  Also…if I go 150 times in a 12month span I will get reimbursed by my health insurance! I have gained pretty much all of the weight I lost on Weight Watchers but just can’t justify the cost right now – so instead, I’m using a mixture of higi and myfitnesspal to log and be held accountable.
  3. I am preparing for my boyfriend to move in at the end of next month.  I’ve been purging and putting together things to sell to make room for him.  Not only is it really exciting to make that next step but it will be SO MUCH BETTER to combine incomes to handle household expenses.
  4. I biked to work which was technically free.  A monthly transpass costs $91 and I managed to scoot by on $56 in tokens instead!  I am increasing my work’s pre-tax public transportation vouchers to $72 which is exactly what I need in tokens to get to and from work instead of paying $91 for the pass.
  5. Swagbucks is having an ncrave swago party so I’ve been earning a lot in a short period of time.

June into July

Whirlwinds and windfalls!  May and June were kind of nuts as I studied for and passed my health and life insurance license exam on June 22nd.  I’ve been solely focused on cramming 25 units into my face and am just now coming up for air.  I was not very frugal and did little planning and I’m happy to get back on track (how many times have i said that now?  Oh well.)

I bought a washer and dryer but the electricity to the dryer needs to be fixed first.  At least I can wash my delicates!  i may still take one more trip to the laundromat since I have some huge quilts and money left on the laundry card that is virtually useless otherwise.

I just dropped $60 at Aldi and am cooking and preparing for the week!  Turkey balls just came out of the oven and I’m going to crock up some pulled pork tomorrow.  I got a bag of spring mix for 89cents that will be perfect for both items.  I seriously can’t get enough of Aldi.

I did decide it was time to drop $15/month at least for a gym membership at work.  I’m going to try and check it out tomorrow after work because I will be sad if I get there all early only to be denied access.  I may cancel it (anytime cancellation woo!) and do Planet Fitness with my boyfriend moves in next month (!!!) but we’ll see what happens.

Things are happening!

  1. Well…I spent money this weekend and I’m not gonna beat myself up about it too hard.  I bought a pair of nude pumps for work and a pair of black sandals to replace my 7 year old pair that will now be a health hazard.  I bought 2 pairs of shorts to buffer my small summer wardrobe from Target and 2 pairs of Spanx tights from TJ Maxx ($8 vs $29?  DONE) I know that spending isn’t really part of my constant worry about money but only the 2 pairs of shorts were full-price at $16 a pop.
  2. I invested on things for my home this weekend as well…80% of my furniture and decor are hand-me-downs or free.  I bought a metal orb from HomeGoods – something I’ve been eyeing for the past few months and at one point almost paid $60 for at a show….I got it for $20 and it’s in my favorite color.  I had some Lowe’s giftcards through Swagbucks so I bought an air filter for the A/C and a few potted herbs and potters…this one’s an investment since I’m growing herbs to eat now, right??
  3. Making green curry tonight – all I had to pick up was a small bag of shrimp for $8 and everything else is from the pantry….I won’t be doing anymore grocery shopping this week!  I took teriyaki chicken I prepped out of the freezer and can throw that in the corckpot tomorrow.  Also going to make a big batch of brown rice to go with both curry and teriyaki.
  4. Been cleaning out my craft supplies and founds some stuff I can sell on Craigslist and finished my first crochet scarf!!!  I’m going to continue to just use the red lion yarn and will collect scraps of it and make a blanket.  Anyone have any extra red lion yarn laying around?  I’ll take that off your hands!  I also identified a few things that will make good gifts to people.
  5. Studying for my health and life insurance license….it’s boring but it’s keeping me indoors a lot.  Studying is free!  UGH!
  1. I finally got out of Aldi under $50!! I spent $38 on various things to get me through the end of the month.  I am spending a over $50/week on groceries and I have to figure out how to lower that in June.  I’ve got a few things in the freezer but I’m at the point that each cooking meal only lasts about 2-3 days and by mid-week I’m exhausted.  Gotta utilize the freezer better for meals to get me through the end of the weeks.
  2. Spent yesterday and today on Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Perk.  I made a little over $2 on Swag and am not really sure about the rest.  It’s not much but it’s not spending and it’s keeping me occupied!
  3. Friend is coming over for Game of Thrones tonight – perfect time to see my friends and justify a cable bill.
  4. I hand-washed a few items in my sink yesterday to get me through the week and save $20 at the laundromat.  I’ll be able to do a few loads at my boyfriend’s next weekend.
  5. Took some time to clean out my closets and was able to throw a few more items in the donation bin.  GET RID O DAT CLUTTER!