5 Frugals August 21

  1. So far tonight I have listed 34 items on ebay!  Most of it is stacks of comic books from 2011-2013 and whatever doesn’t sell will get a week to go in a lot on Craigslist – then off to the thrift store!
  2. Someone in my office building that knows I moved recently just gave me a new plate set and I love it!! I didn’t have any dinner plates and now I can entertain.
  3. I have chicken marinating in teriyaki sauce to easily bake tomorrow after work.  I have coffee, breakfast, and lunch ready for tomorrow!  Today I also took the 5 minutes to take stock of what’s in my pantry that needs to get used up and took one expired can out.
  4. I’m about to pack my bag so I can hit the gym tomorrow – health, nice showers, and eventually it will be reimbursed.
  5. Did quite a few surveys on InboxDollars today and made it a bit closer to that $30 cash out goal.  I also hit my first goal on Swagbucks and am *almost* to that 2,200 monthly personal goal so I can cash out for a discounted gift card.  Amazon?  Starbucks?  Lowes?  WHO KNOWS!