Sunday’s Frugal As F****

  1. I spent the whole weekend with my boyfriend and dog hanging out around the house earning giftcards through Perk and Swagbucks.  We also went on some good walks!
  2. Went to the grocery store instead of eating out and redeemed ibotta, shopkick, and receipthog points.
  3. Packing up my house and am using all recycled boxes, bubblebags, and newspapers from work because it’s ridiculous to buy boxes.
  4. Prepped coffee and lunch for tomorrow so I don’t end up at Starbucks or the expensive lunch spots!  Also taking some extra pieces of bread to work in case I need a sandwich (I keep pb and j in my drawer just in case!)
  5. Excited to start December off right!  I have a few…rather large………purchases coming up in December but starting with a clean slate and keeping control of my finances will make it a good one!