Hey Apparently My Last Post Didn’t…uhhhh….Post.

I guess I never finished my thoughts in the last post which was entitled “TRAINWRECK SEPTEMBER IS OVER….ON TO ADULTING OCTOBER”

September was pretty much horrible.  My work schedules were crazy and I did a lot more drinking and eating out than anticipated.  Not the Al Anon levels of drinking….but I went out more than I should have.  This was mainly due to work sucking and apparently work sucking for all of my friends who were all “yo happy hour” and I was all “god yes please yes”  I probably spent a little over $200 on eating out last month….which is not awesome.

How This Single Lady is Saving on Groceries
Towards the end of the month my friend and I finally joined forces on grocery shopping.  We’re both single ladies that have been having issues with grocery shopping and cooking at home because we get tired of our cooking and would over-buy and then perishables would….well….perish.
We were able to combine our grocery lists and coupons and spent $96 on a load of groceries that helped us make meals for about a week and a half.  We both made something big and then traded leftovers mid-week.  It’s pretty much the most genius thing on the planet for us.  It also helped us both to only get necessary, healthy foods and stay out of the junk food aisles.
We weren’t able to do this this week because I’ve been out from surgery….but hopefully we can do this again on Monday.  I’m looking forward to it because I have been super unhealthy during recovery.

Know the best way to save a bunch of money?  Have surgery and lay on the couch in a drug stupor for several days!

On Tuesday I finally had my sinus surgery.  I’ve been trying to get this surgery for over a year and according to my doctor…..it’s a good thing I didn’t wait any longer.  My sinuses were chock-full of polyps and I probably couldn’t have lasted much longer with all of this stuff growing inside my face.  My dad is the best dad on the planet and brought me to Delaware to recuperate.  It’s kind of amazing how easy it is to not spend money when you’re all drugged up on the couch!  Super excited for this 6-day spending freeze.

Since this 6-day spending freeze is also 6 days of no work, I have crammed jobs into every day for the rest of the month.  As of right now, my only day off is Wednesday the 30th.  I’m really loving TaskRabbit for making this possible, I made an extra $450 last month with this website!  Just in time to help pay that $2,000 health insurance bill that popped up.  Womp womp.

How I’m Paying Off My Shit
eBay: I’ve been selling some of my bigger clothes on ebay and am making some good money on my Under Armour!  $27 for one of my shirts?  Hell yeah.
TaskRabbit: I don’t take a task unless I make a minimum of $16/hour on it….which is more than both of my actual jobs.
Actual Jobs: Duh.
Grocery Share: This keeps me from eating out so much and is a fun couponing game that keeps me in at least one night per week.  So yay.

Would love to hear any suggestions that you may have on other ways to save or make money!