General Health

I was actually down 1.6 last week!! WHAAAT?

I started biking to work and walking home with a friend. Great exercise! The only issue is the dang fitbit doesn’t count as many steps for cycling so the StepBet is becoming a struggle.

This week was a close one for the StepBet – At 9:15pm on Thursday I realized I was still 5,000 away from my base goal so I jogged in place through 2 episodes of Hidden America. I don’t want to have to do this again.

GYM July 2016 – June 2017: 85(as of 5/5) /120 

Be Creative

Financial Goals

Pay Down Some Mortgage
I was unable to do anything with this this week and hope to do something in week 19

Frugal AF
Biking and walking my commute has saved me a week of bus fare!


Mortgage: $700/$1,000

$300 by the end of June? Hmmmmm!!!

Professional Goals

Continuing Education Credits for Health License
I did work on this a little this week!

Learning About Annuities
We’re not getting far with these and it’s a little annoying. STILL.

Blog Goals

What Do You Like About This?
I know it needs more and that I have so many ideas…..but sitting down to actually write blog posts is rather exhausting.

Weekly Updates
Hey, we’re here. Woot woot. Remember when people said that? lol.

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