FIVE FRUGAL THINGS Tuesday Morning Edition

  1. I spent $76 on groceries last week and am working to make that last through most of the month with a mix of pantry staples.  I made chicken and green beans for lunch for the rest of the week and will probably be making pork and then pork fried rice and another crockpot of mexican chicken.
  2. Instead of going out so much I have been taking time to train my dog at home.  He has almost mastered watch me, touch, puppy pushups and have mastered sit, down, up, off, gimmepaw/businessdeals.  We also have been going on longer walks.
  3. Swagbucks is having a Team Challenge this week and my team is in second place!  All the more reason to stay in and not go out this week.  I’ve got about $50 in Amazon giftcards sitting waiting for when I need them!
  4. FALL IS COMING THE WEATHER IS SO COOL!  I don’t pay the utilities but for the last few days I have been able to leave Wally with just a fan and a window open instead of running the A/C.  And I haven’t had to use my A/C at night so we’re saving our appliances and electric bills!
  5. Biking to work saves me $4.50/day.  $22.50 per week!  $1,125 per year!!  Of course I can’t bike every day but I don’t need to buy the expensive SEPTA passes because I get by on my feet, bike, and SEPTA tokens.

Five Frugal Things Friday Edition

  1. I was not that great this week – I bought a top and a bag (a bag that I justified by needing a way to get my laptop and a bunch of paperwork home….a way I can obtain more overtime this weekend)
  2. I ate crockpot chicken most of the week.  I did get a $13 express lunch once this week because I was too frazzled in the morning and forgot my lunch.  I made up for it by not going out for lunch or eating out after work today which is usually my downfall!
  3. Instead of going out most of the week I have been staying in and training my dog reinforcing the lesson we did a month ago and looking forward to booking the 5 I paid for upfront for a discount in the future.  I want to be able to trust my dog in my dad’s backyard to always come back to me and I’m confident in a handful of classes my dog is smart enough and I am diligent enough tohandle this business.
  4. I’m drunk and really wanted mozzy sticks but ate hummus and pita chips instead because they are here.
  5. Im going to spend a quiet weekend with my boyfriend and get some overimte