February Recap – Where Did the Month Go?

Ya’ll….where did this month go? I feel like I blinked and we were suddenly to the last day of the month. It has been a whirlwind.

Try Twitch Streaming

I got up to 19 subscriptions this month and am beyond thankful for the people that want to hang out with me while I do art! There have been some crazy pieces and I’m dying to get to staples to scan the bigger pieces.

I am doing a March Madness Space Jam bracket where people can vote on which Space Jam Tune Squad teammate would win a hot dog eating contest.

Pay off the next Student loan – $15,000

Welp….I only put $300 away this month because we have another goal afoot…..


We want to move into a more wooded area and out of the city – this has been a crazy year and it made us realize a lot about our need for space. So I’m now starting to hoard cash for that! This will still stay as a goal as I am still going to put at least $150 away per paycheck.

Continue to #dogoodshit

I did not do a whole lot of good shit this month other than not spending money at shitty corporations. That’s Ok. We didn’t necessarily do harm at least!

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