2020 Goals

It’s that time again! Here are my 2020 Goals:


I spent a lot of this year cleaning up my own messes and not progressing on my debt snowballs. I’ve now saved up enough cash in my bank account that I should not need credit cards. I’ve got an emergency fund and a budget! There’s no need to give American Express anymore of my dollars. Also, I have Wells Fargo and the Way2Save program takes $1 out of my checking account and puts it into savings every time I make a debit card purchase – I like to think of this as generating my own rewards which feels safer.

2. $2,000 Citi Loan

I did a balance transfer that charges me 50 cents a month interest – way better than my American Express and student loans! But according to the snowball, this has to go so I can put that monthly payment towards the next debt!

3. $7,000 Student Loan #2 of #4

I’ve decided that I am no longer going to let these bitches rack up interest while waiting for America to do something about the student loan crisis. I’m also less and less confident that I will ever get forgiveness through the IDR program. I have 3 loans left totaling $109,000 and they started at $75,000. I’m sick and tired of paying these minimums and watching the interest stack so I’m going to attack these. I already paid off a $3,500 one a few years ago and now I’m going after the $8,500 one. I put some of my bonus towards this one so we’ve only got $7.000 to go in 2020!

4. Get Under 30% Body Fat

I’m at 32% right now so this should be feasible if I actually stick to eating and fitness guidelines. I ran a 10-miler this year and then injured my hip while adjusting to orthotics so I haven’t been very active since September. I signed up for a personal trainer and plan to do more classes and shit this year.

I’m also doing FWFG Kula’s HOME – 30 Days of Yoga in January….thankfully, it starts tomorrow!

5. Get Some Education

I have talked to my supervisor about some exams I’m interested in taking at work….we’ll see what they have to say. I’m at a good point in my life where I’d like to hunker down and do something difficult that will advance my career again.

6. Fill Some Sketchbooks

I love small sketchbooks and have been journaling in them more and need to continue this trend. It’s good for me! I also love doodling and collages so this should be an easy way to handle creativity.

I can’t promise I’ll update often but I do love going back and seeing how far I’ve come.

7. Do Good Shit

I almost forgot about this one! I just want to do more good shit this year. I want to donate more blood and help dogs and just give more to my community. Always looking for more opportunities!