July: The Hermiting Recap

Soooo in July I took on a personal challenge of The Hermiting.  I focused this month of 5 goals:
1. Saving money
2. Moving
3. Weight Loss
4. Thesis

Here is my recap:
1. Saving Money
So I spent $966 through my bank account in July.  Since I didn’t have to pay rent (paid in advance when I had more money) this isn’t exactly the best.

I spent the most on auto/transportation and food/drink.  I had to drive a bit more this month and the tanks of gas added up.  Food and drink was my second-highest spender which is common.

I was able to get my student loan payments lowered considerably!  I have already paid for August…but depending on what my paychecks look like, I may pay again.

2. Moving

Last night one of my besties came up and we packed my back room and half of my living room.  Now that I have the keys and movers are schedule for August 13th, I can transfer all of my utilities, lower my comcast bill, and start moving small stuff so the movers won’t take so long.  Fuck yeah.

3. Weight Loss
I am still around 5lbs away from goal and it has gotten really discouraging.  I haven’t dipped below 138 al lmonth and my goal is 135.  Starting to wonder if I should just make it 140 because I’m happy at this weight and in order to get to 135 I really have to like…stop eating everything I love.  I’ll talk to my dude tomorrow.

4. Thesis
I did finally go through my surveys and I really need to meet with my adviser to handle business.  But I worked on it!

So I think I did pretty good!  I also now know where my biggest spending areas are and I totally know what I need to do keep that up.

What now?

I think August will be another month of hermiting.  It’s too hot to go out and I know that I will want to do everything in the fall.  If I take another hot shitty month to work on me and what I need to do, I will be good for the future.  FUCK YEAH!

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